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Pruner’s Lunch 24 July

Kay Brothers are excited to host the second edition of the Pruner’s Lunch on Sunday 24th July as part of Tasting Australia Winter Edition.
Winter in the vineyard is all about pruning – giving our vines the very best chance of producing fruit of exceptional quality in the year ahead. It’s tough work – misty, early mornings, cold hands, wet socks, but thankfully plenty of laughs, as you work alongside each other.
It is this wonderful spirit of camaraderie, and connection to nature, that we want you to experience at our Pruner’s Lunch. Our winemaker Duncan Kennedy will give you a unique insight into the life cycle of a vine and how it ultimately affects the wine you drink. All in a vineyard run by the same family that planted it in 1892.
And what could be better after all that hard work than sharing a delicious feast as reward? One man who knows all about that, is local McLaren Vale Chef Todd Steele, who will commandeer the spit, to roast you a delicious lunch over slow burning vine cuttings, alongside platters of fresh local produce, and Kay Brothers wines from the very vineyard you pruned.
So, if you’re not afraid of a bit of hard work, then join us for a day of pruning and feasting on Sunday 24th July at Kay Brothers Wines in McLaren Vale.

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